Derecho a decidir una muerte digna.

Merece la pena leerlo.

7 comentarios en “Derecho a decidir una muerte digna.

  1. In 1999, 22 years ago, I worked at the administration of a hospital. One day we heard of a patient with a special request. He was of Dutch origin, but now an American citizen. He was in the final stages of his illness (cancer). His daughter lived in the south of France, where he had been treated. In France there was no option of euthanasia. But he suffered from pain, there was no hope of recovery and all he wanted was to die in peace, dignified. So his daughter made a great effort to fulfill his final wish, and arranged for medical transport to the Netherlands. We, at the administration, could see the window of his room across an inner courtyard of the hospital. We new on which day and at what hour he would pass away. Our thoughts were with him and with is children, who had come to our hospital, to be with him.

    Me gusta

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