Pueblos abandonados.

Cada vez existen más pueblos abandonados. A la vez se van abandonando otros que todavía tienen habitantes.

Nos quieren a todos cerquita, en el redil , para poder consumir.

Decimos que es una pena ,que no deberían desaparecer, que tienen toda nuestra historia pero en realidad somos nosotros mismos los que los abandonamos.

5 pensamientos en “Pueblos abandonados.

  1. Lovely stone house. Is this in Spain? It gives me the reason to believe that these villages there are not jobs and the pace of life is very slow. And the young and also the eldest leave for bigger towns where there are everything for their daily life. Same in France lots and lots of villages are being abandoned by young families and children since they need big towns and cities and the government did not build villages in many provinces in france, and there is nothing to live for but to only visit and take pictures. So sad really!

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